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Google Expeditions is an app developed by Google that allows educators to go on virtual field trips with their students. One user, usually a teacher, serves as the guide to this virtual experience, while the others can follow along on the journey.

The idea behind Google Expeditions is that one user can guide others through a virtual field trip, so long as they are all connected to the same WiFi network. The classroom is naturally the ideal place to use this app, so both teacher and students can explore different locations around the world while still being physically together.

In Google Expeditions, the guide can create as many points of interests as he or she considers appropriate. You can also add descriptions and explanations of different elements to show as they appear on the screen.

Google Expeditions is an excellent educational app. It allows students to enjoy an amazing virtual field trip at any time, as long as there's a teacher to guide them.
By Taryn

Requires Android 4.4 or higher